What should a wedding package include?


We all know wedding photography can be expensive. Whether it is a one day event or an event that is spread across several days, wedding photographers tend to charge a lot for the weddings. As this has become a necessity with the passage of time, people should try and get the most out of it.

When planning on their wedding photographers, make sure you talk through the package they have for you. Since it is a significant investments, you must make sure that you are not fooled in to getting less services than what you’re paying for.

How to plan the perfect wedding package?

Since this is a once in a life time event, it is important that people ensure that they have got the perfect wedding package under their belt. Hence, here are some of the things that can help you in making a decent wedding package plan.

Number of events

The first and foremost thing that you package must include is the number of events for the wedding. Many photographers only assume the main event day for photography and end up having arguments later. This will help both parties in agreeing on the days the photographers are needed. If you wish to get the best wedding photographers in town, click here for Melbourne Wedding.

Number of hours required

The number of hours an event lasts depends on family to family. Not every event will last for the same duration. Hence, if you are having multiple events, make sure you decide on the number of hours the photographers are needed. This must be decided initially, as any misunderstanding can lead to disputes and fights on the event day.

Number of photographers needed

This is a very important element of the wedding package. Every family wishes to get the maximum number of photographers for the event. They just do no want to miss any moment from being captured. However, they must realize that having too many photographers might make it slightly crowded and disorganized. Hence, they must consult with the team and make sure that they have enough photographers for the event to be covered appropriately.

The wedding album

All of the photographers in the present day and age do have a photo album option included in their packages. Incase they don’t make sure you ask them for including one. Once all the events have been sent to the wedding family through a soft copy, they are asked to select 50 to 60 of the best pictures that they would like to get a hard copy of. The photography team then makes a beautiful photo album of the selected pictures. Some photography team might even make a short video of some of the most beautiful pictures taken.

Pre-wedding shoots

Every couple dreams of having a pre wedding shoot before the main event begins. While some people might find it too illogical, it is a good way of ensuring decent memories being stored. Before the guests arrive, it is a good opportunity to get comfortable and get a few pictures captured. Most wedding packages do include this option. However, if this option is not included, make sure you do include it in your contract.

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