Office Décor Tips for a Unique Look 

If you are relocating to a larger office, or are about to create your first business HQ, this is a great opportunity to score some style points. Of course, every office needs a high degree of functionality, yet you can achieve this without impacting the visual-appeal.  


Here are a few chic ideas to give your office some panache. 


The right artwork – Fortunately, there is top artwork in Sydney from an established gallery; browse their website for a glimpse of their collection of prints and other forms of wall art. Spend some time thinking about placement and with spots in all the right locations, the artwork is showcased. Australian art is unique in many respects and local artists, such as Angela Hawkey, who showcase their best work. 


Indoor plants – Whether you prefer natural or artificial, there are local companies that will come and create the perfect indoor arrangement of lush green fauna, what’s more, they can care for the plants and rearrange them often. Bring a touch of nature to your office space with real or artificial greenery, which also improves the air quality.  


Vertical blinds – Installing vertical blinds on all windows gives you a high level of privacy and lighting, plus they look elegant. Of course, these blinds are made-to-measure; search online for a local supplier of bespoke blinds and they would be happy to send someone to your home and quote for any design. Remote control units are available with motorised solutions. 


Lighting – Floor level lighting is nice when you have a late evening meeting, plus put some spotlights on wall art and other features. Office task lighting is obviously essential and LED fittings are advised, while workstations all have desk lamps.  


Use warm colours – Blues and yellows are warm colours, which should be slightly concealed for the best ambience. Google Images can bring you some office lighting inspiration and online suppliers make for easy acquisition, print some colour cards and place them in different locations to find the best combination.  


Go for open plan – An open plan layout fosters dialogue, plus you can easily create workstations. Half-partitions are a great way to create secluded spaces and changing the layout is simple; when you need a couple more workstations, it is simple to move a few partitions. 


Soft pastel colours – If you have a reception area, soft pastel colours create a warm and inviting ambience. Choose two primary colours to go with white, which should be the main shade and use colour cards to experiment. 


Airflow – It is important to have good ventilation, which is known to improve mood; you can create airflow by installing a couple of window fans at each end of the office. You should have climate control for all seasons and maybe even install a few air purifiers.  


There are many ways that you can create a unique office ambience, you can, for example, install a water wall, with coloured LED lights, which makes for a fantastic feature to have in the reception area. 

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