Food Photography: Tips To Become More Proficient

Uploading Food photographs over social media has become a Fashion now. Whether you are cooking at home or having dinner outside, you never miss to take a snap and put it on the internet. Food Photography sounds simple though, isn’t that simple at all. Talk about a professional Food Photographer, you will come to know the challenges he faces. If we talk about Food Photography there are certain aspects which a photographer really needs to work to give the edge to the image he clicks.

As we all know Photography is an art, a skill to be practiced and experimented with passion and understanding the purpose behind every shoot. Food photography is the same. Let’s talk about some tips to become more proficient in Food Photography.

Setting the Correct Angle

This is one of the most important factors while capturing a foods’ image. Decide the right angle where you think the best image could be taken as per the story you want to tell with the pictures. While deciding on the angle take into consideration the food, it’s shape, size, type, heights, etc. Select an angle which suits your story.

Lighting; one of the winning factor

It’s true that natural is the best. Could it be sufficient? No, even the natural light has to be played around. It’s a trick to play with lights to create the correct effect on the image. Many things depend on the story you want to create. Poor lighting will discourage your viewers to look at your image. Relating to your story is a far fetched thing in such cases. Whereas if played correctly, the light can illuminate the image.

Diffuser plays a big role when it comes to Food photography; whether you are using Natural light or an artificial one. Putting a thin white bed sheet or cover could diffuse the direct Sunlight to a large extent. Using the correct cards, white or Black to play the shadow tricks is of great help. Your story depends on this.

Placement of the Subject

The subject here is the food which you are capturing. Surround your subject with other objects related to the food and put some props; such as ingredients used in the preparation. For example for Noodles, we can use Sauces, Oils, Seasonings, Chopsticks etc. all create a look of Chinese theme. You can put some pictures of Dragon and likewise. Just in case you are taking pictures of tea, you can add some glamour with putting some fashionable teapot or put some side food like cookies on the table; but never forget that your hero is the tea in the pot, not the pot and not even the cookies. However, you need to workout on foreground and background too. Always remember to emphasize on the subject, the food you are highlighting when you are putting props around it.

The Composition Drama

The composition is the pattern you follow to place your items while shooting. It matters a lot. Props like spoons, plates, bowls should be in layers. Suppose you put a candle on the table, be sure the light illuminates the food and doesn’t spoil the frame.   Placements of ingredients like oils, spices, raw items which are into frame should be in a pattern. If you decide to keep Props nearby, it should relate to your story and should be in line. Mostly a Food is captured from top to get better clarity, so forming a layer is a winner.

Illuminating the Colour Effect

There is a catch when you surround your subjects with props and creating the foreground and background. Always pick them of neutral color to hold the color of the food you are capturing otherwise it will distract the viewers from your actual hero. In most of the case Black, White, Grey, pastel shades work fine. However, the color of your food actually decides your neutral shades. Creating a story is what we require for a better Food Photography but while doing so maintain the subject in the limelight.

So following the above tips are going to enhance your photography skills. Just remember them and practice them, you will find the improvement in your work. Keep capturing the mouthwatering dishes and treat yourself. Click here if you want to know more about Camera and other accessories you should use!

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